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PEO Brokers: Why do you need a PEO Broker?

PEOs are a smart way to enhance the performance of your business: they save you money, improve operational efficiency, and minimize liability.

But how do you choose the right PEO for you?

The Challenges

As with any product or service, it's important to look at several options and providers to find the best fit for you and your business. A PEO is a partner to your business, and should be vetted accordingly.

To ensure you're getting the right array of services at the most competitive prices, you'll want to shop around. However, getting quotes and wading through the options, which may be designed to obscure costs and confuse the uninitiated, can prove to be frustrating and challenging.

Paperwork: you'll have to fill out oodles of paperwork for each candidate—a long and unappealing prospect, since each PEO provider will have a different format.

Bundling: PEOs bundle their services, so it may be difficult to parse what you'll be getting and its true costs.

Technical Knowledge: As an employer, you must meet certain state and federal requirements, which change frequently. The right PEO can navigate the bureaucratic tangle more efficiently, but you'll need special technical knowledge to identify which one is best suited to improve your business.

What is a PEO Broker?

A trained eye will be able to help you process the offerings and identify the best values. A PEO broker is a company that essentially does the legwork in finding the right PEO for your business.

How Does A PEO Broker Help?

A PEO broker works to match your business with a PEO that can fulfill the specific needs of your business. A PEO broker analyzes your specific needs and uses their existing relationships with PEOs to find the proper fit for you. PEO brokers work with a wide variety of PEOs and understand the nuanced differences between the various companies. Additionally, PEO brokers save you time. Rather than your filling out numerous forms for each PEO, you fill out one set of forms for your PEO broker and then they do the rest. Finally, a PEO broker can use their relationship with a PEO to secure the most competitive rate for your business.

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