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Payroll Outsourcing Services

Your responsibilities as an employer divert your time and resources from doing the things your business was actually built to do. SIC works with trusted PEOs to provide smart, cost-effective solutions for HR administration and employee management.

Streamline, Improve, and Simplify Your Payroll

PEOs optimize your payroll processing—from time keeping to tax administration to distribution. By outsourcing with our trusted partners, your business stands to save significantly on time and money on a weekly basis.

No matter how well organized your company or payroll administrator, the managing and processing of payroll sucks up valuable administrative manhours from your business on a regular basis.

Flexible, Affordable Options for Small Business

SIC will help you find the best payroll solution to suit your business needs and make your company run more smoothly. With a trusted SIC payroll partner, your payroll needs will always be met on time, every pay period—improving productivity, simplifying administrative processes, and saving your business money.

No Hassle, Automated Tax Services

  • Automated calculations and payments for standard deductions as well as child support, garnishments, and other withholdings
  • Comprehensive record keeping and reporting
  • Guaranteed accuracy and compliance

Simple, Effective Technology Solutions

  • Easy-to-use online system
  • Unlimited coding for deductions and benefits
  • Multiple time keeping and delivery methods for employees, including online

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