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Trust your business to the Employment Experts. After years of high-level experience, we have the knowledge and network to find the best employment solutions to meet your needs.

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Hundreds of PEOs and PEO brokers are available to your company. But depending on the industry, location, regulatory requirements, and the specific needs and circumstances of your business, some PEO options will prove to be far superior than the rest.

We Find the Right PEO for Your Business.

SIC takes the time to learn the ins and outs of how your business works. With a detailed understanding of your industry, services, products, and needs we draw on our national network of partners to finds the perfect PEO to fulfill your HR administration responsibilities at the greatest value to your company.

By serving as your Human Resources plug-in, the perfect PEO will oversee all of your employment-related administration. Given that PEOs specialize in HR administration, finding the right match for your business will create tremendous efficiencies and cost savings, while simplifying your life and the lives of your employees. Using our diverse network of PEOs and in-depth knowledge of PEO resources, we provide you with the best services in payroll, employee benefits, insurance plans, and compliance, all the lowest cost to you.

We are dedicated to the business of finding the right PEO for your administrative needs, so that you can focus on the business that is most important to you.

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