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PEO Analysis

Your responsibilities as an employer divert your time and resources from doing the things your business was actually built to do. SIC works with trusted PEOs to provide smart, cost-effective solutions for HR administration and employee management.

The Power to Choose

In most cases, small businesses benefit from a comprehensive approach to outsourced HR. However, given your specific circumstances and the size of your business, a single service, such as payroll administration, may be all you need. With PEO analysis, SIC can offer an a la carte menu of HR services.

PEOs provide a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for your HR administration needs. By pairing your business with a single PEO that best meets your needs and budget, SIC strives to simplify your life and allow you to focus on your business.

Through in depth analysis, however, SIC may find that an individual HR service is right for your company, such as automated payroll or employee benefits administration. In these scenarios, you can cherry-pick the services that you need the most, possibly at a lower rate than you would pay for full PEO coverage.

If your business handles certain areas of HR in-house, but needs to outsources specific services, ASOs and unbundled PEO services may be right for you.

The SIC Advantage

Many brokers and PEO representatives work with a single PEO provider or a small group of PEOs. Rather than choosing a PEO based on your needs, you're forced to make your business conform to the capabilities of a limited set of options.

SIC, on the other hand, works with a wide variety of PEOs and HR services providers. Our management team has the experience and expertise to identify your needs and find the best solutions to meet your needs. With our PEO Analysis Options, you can choose the solutions that fit your company best, adjusting as you go and getting the services that you need, without paying for services that you don't.

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