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Small Business Insurance

To protect your business and employees, it's vital to choose the right insurance plans. SIC analyzes your risks and needs, navigates the complicated landscape of law and regulation, and finds the most cost-efficient options. Get the right coverage at the lowest cost. And rest easy— we've got you covered.

We've Got You Covered

Some industries require specific types of insurance to protect against risk. From farms to construction companies, SIC has the knowledge and experience to find the right plan for your business.


In an increasingly litigious business world, Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O) protects your company from lawsuits arising from perceived negligence or inadequate work.

E&O helps to cover the steep court costs and settlements that arise from client claims in such circumstances.

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Commercial Auto

When you're out on the road, there are certain things that neither you nor your employees can control: the weather, conditions of the road, and, most importantly, other drivers. Insuring your vehicles and those who drive them is vital to protecting your business.

SIC helps you to protect your employees and assets by finding you the best commercial vehicle coverage and the lowest cost to you—no matter the size of your fleet or where you are going.

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Commercial Package

A commercial package is a flexible, comprehensive policy that bundles different types of commercial coverage—including liability and commercial property plans—and is customized to suit your business's unique needs.

SIC partners with your business to find the right combination of policies and the right price. We'll work together to analyze your risks and needs, navigate the complicated landscape of law and regulation, and find the most cost-efficient options. We're committed to matching you with the right policy from the right insurer.

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Inland Marine

Does your business include expensive mobile properties? If your work takes place regularly off site, Inland Marine Insurance may offer you the specialized, flexible coverage that you need to protect your assets.

We work with you to find the right coverage, including a wide range of plans for Fine Art Galleries, Photographers, Truck Cargo, Computers, and myriad other moveable or transportable property that other types of business insurance doesn't cover.

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Commercial Bonds

Commercial Bonds, also known as Surety Bonds, are a legal promise or contract that guarantees that your business will meet its legal and/or financial obligations to your customers.

Most commercial bonds are considered license and permit bonds. These types of bonds function as a guarantee that your business is abiding by all laws and regulations, and may be required for your company to do business, depending on federal and state laws that govern your industry.

Examples of license and permit bonds include:

  • Contractor's license bonds
  • Tax bonds
  • Environmental protection bonds
  • Broker's bonds, including Insurance, Mortgage, and Title Agency bonds
  • Motor vehicle dealer bonds

Other bonds, such as Fidelity Bonds, protect your business from financial malfeasance, such as when an employee steals from the company.

Navigating the maze of bureaucracy involved in securing a Commercial Bond can be frustrating. Plus, without proper knowledge of state and federal regulations, you may leave your business open to catastrophic liability.

Let the experts at SIC find an appropriate bond for you at an affordable rate. We've got you covered.

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Umbrella and Excess Liability

All business owners need General Liability Insurance to mitigate risk, minimize liability, and protect themselves, their companies, and their employees from legal damages. But in some cases, General Liability isn't enough. Particularly for high-risk industries and businesses, an extra cushion may be needed to protect you in the case of disaster.

Once you've reached the limits of your primary insurance policies, umbrella and excess liability policies kick in, offering you extra coverage when you business depends on it.

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Farm Insurance

Regardless of whether you're running a large-scale operation or tending a small farm that's been in the family for generations, you need coverage to protect yourself from loss.

Whether it's farm liability, property coverage for the feed, animals, or necessary equipment, grain coverage, or outbuilding coverage, we'll find the right options for you. Get the peace of mind you need and focus on your business.

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Equipment Breakdown

It's vitally important to your business to keep your equipment working, whether it be a computer system or a production machine. Commercial Property Insurance covers damage from external sources such as fire or flooding, but what happens in the case of mechanical or electrical failure where CPI falls short?

SIC helps you find the right Equipment Breakdown (or Boiler and Machinery) Insurance, which pays for repairs or replacement of damaged equipment, as well as the costs that you incur when your business is interrupted.

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