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General Liability

To protect your business and employees, it's vital to choose the right insurance plans. SIC analyzes your risks and needs, navigates the complicated landscape of law and regulation, and finds the most cost-efficient options. Get the right coverage at the lowest cost. And rest easy— we've got you covered.

The Best Ways to Achieve Peace of Mind

All business owners need General Liability Insurance to mitigate risk, minimize liability, and protect themselves, their companies, and their employees from legal damages.

General Liability Insurance protects you and your employees from lawsuits brought against your company due to accidents or damages that occur on your property or during the course of your work. These policies protect you against law suits in all cases—whether accidents are your fault or not.

Finding the Right Policy

Several factors should impact your decision-making process in choosing a General Liability Plan.

  • What is covered and what is not?
  • What are the rules and laws in my state?
  • How will the risk factors of my workplace or industry impact costs?

SIC has the expertise to find the right answers for you and your business, and an extensive network of partners and providers to ensure the most coverage at the best price.

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