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We Know PEOs

Trust your business to the Employment Experts. After years of high-level experience, we have the knowledge and network to find the best employment solutions to meet your needs.

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Employee Benefits

Making the Right Choice

Not all benefits options are created equal. SIC matches businesses with the most effective employee benefits to meet their risk-levels and priorities, and find solutions for high-risk situations where others can't.

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Human Resources

Employment Made Easy

The day-to-day maintenance of Human Resources can be expensive and time-consuming. By outsourcing your administration to a reliable partner, you can save money and focus more on your business.

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Save Time and Money

A reliable, no-hassle approach to payroll not only saves your business time; it keeps your employees happy. Trust the industry leader for cost-effective payroll outsourcing.

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Workers' Compensation

The Smart Way to Manage Risk

Mitigate employer liabilities by trusting your Workers' Comp to the experts. We find the best solutions to keep you insured, even in high-risk industries.

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